Xiaomi Mi LCD Writing Tablet 13.5″


Size of 13.5 inches is ideal,Both stylus and tablet are easy to carry


A great learning tool

Both stylus and tablet are easy to carry

The anti-blue light LCD screen is safe for the eyes

Easy to turn on and off with a single tap on the screen.

The size of 13.5 inches is ideal!

The tablet is an LCD screen which allows you to easily write on the tablet with your hand or included stylus. With its blue-green handwriting and very clear screen, you combine the experience of writing on real paper with the innovative LCD screen.

The built-in pressure sensor registers the touches very accurately, so with hard pressing you get thicker handwriting and vice cersa. In addition, the writing tablet has a unique and comfortable stylus design, making the stylus easy to use for people with small as well as large hands. The lightweight stylus weighs 7 grams and can be used for a long time without your hands getting tired. The stylus is convenient to use and to store. With 4 NdFeB magnets, the stylus can be automatically attached to the tablet so you won’t lose it.

Safe and good for the eyes

The Xiaomi writing tablet comes with an anti-blue light LCD screen that does not emit any light itself. Therefore, you can use the tablet for a very long time without your eyes getting tired. The lack of ink and dust makes it a very safe gadget for children! In addition, the tablet also has a very good (replaceable) button cell battery that lasts very long (at least 365 days).

Your children can use the tablet, for example, to learn to write, to draw or to take notes during class. In addition, parent and child can use the tablet simultaneously, each with their own stylus, so you can easily help your kids with homework. With the push of a button, you can easily clear the screen to start a new writing or drawing project! You can also use this LCD Writing Tablet perfectly during meetings to draw things out, as a message board for the whole family or for to-do lists, for example. The 7 millimeter thin screen and the low weight makes this gadget very easy to take everywhere!


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