Brand Name: xiaomi
• Item Type: Electric Toothbrush
• Age Group: Adults
• Quantity: 1 toothbrush & 1 heads & Charger dock
• Material: US DuPont Brush Hair
• Commodity Quality Certification: 3C,CE
• Type: Acoustic Wave
• Size: 25*2.8cm
• Model Number: Xiaomi Sonic Electric Toothbrush DDYS01SKS
• Voltage rating: 3.7V
• Power rating: 2W
• Waterproof rating: IPX7 ( toothbrush and charging dock )
• Battery: 700mAh Li-ion battery
• Product weight: 113g
• Vibration Frequency: 31,000 times/min


Wireless charging:The toothbrush supports wireless charging and packs a 1000mAh battery that Xiaomi claims lasts up to 18 days and takes 10 hours to charge fully
App Management:Being a ‘smart’ product, various aspects of the toothbrush can be controlled via Xiaomi App by Bluetooth
Wave motor:The toothbrush makes use of a magnetic levitation acoustic wave motor with swing speeds of up to 37,200 times per minute.
Waterproof IPX7:Stating the obvious, the toothbrush is waterproof and is IPX7-certified.High-efficiency magnetic levitation motor The 31000 times/min high-frequency vibration and strong torque output make the power can be efficiently transmitted to the brush head. The power drives the water and toothpaste foam to form the pulse force to effectively clean tooth gap and remove dental plaque

High-density metal-free planting brush Metal-free design makes the brush head rust-free, environmentally friendly and healthy. Adopting American Dupont bristle, the bristle quantity is increased by 40 percent, and the rounding bristle will not scratch your gums or damage the surface

3 cleaning modes for your free choice The standard clean mode meets your daily cleaning needs; the gentle mode carefully protects your gums while cleaning your teeth; you can customize your own cleaning mode by APP

APP control with Bluetooth function Connect the toothbrush to the APP via Bluetooth, and you can customize your own brushing mode according to your daily habits and cleaning needs

APP grading function with built-in sensors The 6 built-in sensors detect your brushing gesture, and monitor


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