Xiaomi Mi Bedside Lamp 2


Work with Apple Homekit, Siri, APP Remote Control,Colorful Soft Light


Mi Bedside Lamp 2
Works with apple homekit, siri, app remote. you can use apple, ipad, apple watch, the home app, and siri to easily control tap, voice, and even automated settings. * large luminous area the bedside lamp is made of high difficulty inverted mold and hot runner design; makes the whole lamp light evenly. create a practical and romantic atmosphere. * soft and colorful light equipped with top-of-the-line international brand beads and double-layer lampshade with twice mixed light, which emits uniform and colorful light like a pigment. * with night light the maximum brightness is increased to 400 lumens for normal bedroom lighting. the minimum brightness is less than 2 lumens, which can be an auxiliary light while you sleep.


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